Valacyclovir is prescribed for viral infections caused by herpes simplex. The drug is also designated for use in the prevention of infections during organ transplants. The drug can additionally be used to treat herpes zoster and in the prevention of genital herpes.


Herpes simplex virus can provide a lot of trouble for its carriers. During the slightest weakening of immunity, it manifests itself in the form of a painful skin rash. After the appearance of lesions in the form of bubbles with liquid and complaints of burning, doctors often prescribe valacyclovir, which stops the synthesis of viral cells.

Valtrex Generic

Valacyclovir is the main active component for the brand name drug Valtrex sold in the United States and UK. You can buy generic Valtrex based on Valaciclovir as an active ingredient in online pharmacies at a low price.


Infections caused by the herpes simplex virus occupy fourth place in terms of global disease prevalence. Valacyclovir is an antiviral drug that can prevent the development of such diseases. Following penetration into the body, the herpes simplex virus remains in the human deoxyribonucleic acid. With a decrease in immunity, it is activated, causing the appearance of rashes on different parts of the patient’s body. Valacyclovir causes the destruction of the enzymes of the virus and the subsequent recovery of the patient.


The main active ingredient of the drug is valacyclovir hydrochloride. When this enters the body, it turns into acyclovir, accumulates in the blood plasma, and affects various types of herpes viruses. Tablets of this medication also contain additional components that facilitate the absorption of the drug and reduce the risk of side effects.

Valacyclovir uses and dosage

The pill is taken regardless of the use of food. It is recommended the capsules be consumed with plenty of water. In the case of shingles, the patient should take 2 tablets three times/day. The duration of treatment lasts seven days. Doctors recommend starting to use the drug at the first symptoms of the disease.

For all types of herpes, the patient should take 1,000 mg (two tablets), one time/day. The maximum duration of treatment remains 10 days. In order to prevent the recurrence of infections, 1,000 mg of valaciclovir should be taken for seven days.

Pregnancy and lactation

It is not recommended that women use antiviral drugs including valaciclovir during childbirth, as the drug was not tested for use in this group of patients.

When taking antiviral drugs during lactation, breastfeeding should be interrupted.

Valacyclovir and alcohol

This drug is not compatible with ethanol. With the simultaneous use of pills and alcohol, the toxicity index of the drug increases. Against the background of a chemical reaction, side effects are enhanced. The patient may complain of tinnitus, dizziness, and nausea.

Side effects

During treatment with valacyclovir, patients may experience nausea, abdominal pain, and/or diarrhea. Also, when using this antiviral agent, the following side effects may occur: seizures, itching, hives, renal colic, thrombocytopenia, and/or leukopenia.


Valacyclovir should not be used by people sensitive to acyclovir and/or to any other components of the composition. The medicine is not recommended for use in patients with human immunodeficiency virus because, with specific biochemical parameters of blood, it can cause a critical decrease in the number of leukocytes.

The official instructions for use contain the following contraindications for taking medicine: kidney and bone marrow transplantation; children under 12; severe abnormal liver function.