Cenforce 100

Cenforce is an effective medication intended for men who unable to get or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse.

The medicine includes sildenafil citrate as an active ingredient, which is also known as the phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor most commonly used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

CenforceDosage: 50 / 100 mg
Price: starts from $19.95

Besides, medications based on this ingredient are the only drugs approved by the FDA for the treatment of erectile disorders.

Cenforce is the first-line ED drug in case if the patient already tried to change unhealthy food habits, stopped taking alcohol, smoking, etc. and these nonpharmacologic measures didn’t help.

Doctors choose Cenforce for their patients because of the high clinical effectiveness, affordable price, and minor side effects.

Patients should know that one of the most common causes of erectile problems is emotional and psychological factors such as depression, stress at work, or relationship conflicts.

Therefore, together with taking Cenforce, your health care provider may recommend cognitive behavioral therapy.

Like other sildenafil-based drugs, patients should take Cenforce for half an hour before planned sexual intercourse. After proper sexual stimulation, sildenafil improves the blood flow into the penis and helps erection to occur.

Cenforce is totally safe and effective, with 80% of percentage response ratio. However, patients who are taking nitrates should avoid the treatment with this medicine.

It is absolutely necessary to talk to your doctor before buying and using Cenforce in order to know how it can affect your health condition.